Jul 9, 2008

RAmos iMovie T8 Pictures

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RAmos iMovie playing music

Last week we managed to get our hands on a video of the RAmos iMovie T8, now they have released a set of beautiful still images. This is a lovely little device with a gloriously designed user interface making it a dream to use.

Jul 7, 2008

Mysterious new samsung U4 DAP

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Samsung U4

A picture of the successor to the Samsung U3 has appeared on Samsung’s Korean site: That, however is all the information there is regarding the device itself, they are keeping it under wraps for the moment. It shouldn’t be much longer before we know a little more as they have already put the place […]

Jul 4, 2008

Nextar's speakers float above the rest

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Floating speakers

Nextar’s Bluetooth floating speakers will play continuously for 4 hours and are ideal for using in your pool, but I am sure there are many more people without pools than there are with (me included), so what use is this gadget to us, we may as well just buy the sentry water proof speakers? Well […]

Jul 2, 2008

RAmos iMovie T8 has Video

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RAmos iMovie

iMovie…. mmm… now where have I heard a name like that before? Anyway that aside, the RAmos iMovie T8 has the best screen-to-frame ratio in any MP4 player. As you can see from the picture the 4.3 inch touch screen takes up most of the face. Read on to see the video.

Jul 1, 2008

Philips to launch its new player 'GoGear'

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Philips GoGear

Philips has launched its digital audio & video player ‘GoGear (model:SA5245)’. Apart from looking very nice, its most noticeable feature is FullSound, a digital audio algorithm patented by Philips that refines audio output. FullSound apparently brings out the best of their audio system and delivers more life to the music by performing millions of operations […]

Jul 1, 2008

Live TV on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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Tv on iPhone

Orb is familiar to us for its music, video and TV-streaming abilities, it can even turn your Wii into a media center (update: new article Wii media centers), but now the folks at Orb have moved on to the iPhone and iPod touch with a new application called OrbLive. Everything you could do before can […]

Jul 1, 2008

Sneak Peek: Creative ZEN X-Fi Portable Media Player

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Creative ZEN X-Fi PMP

I can’t wait to try out the Creative ZEN X-Fi, a series of portable media players with all the usual features but it is the built in Wi-Fi and sound manipulation features which have sparked the biggest interest. The Wi-fi in particular will open up the way into the future of potable media player. Read […]

Jun 30, 2008

The new sentry wireless indoor/outdoor speaker and transmitter

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Sentry Speakers

You may remember our article on Sanyo’s new waterproof HD TV which enabled you to watch TV in a down poor if you so wished. Well now you can also listen to music while singing in the rain.

Sep 17, 2007

Proof the iPod Touch is a phoneless iPhone

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Apple iPodn Touch showing iPhone error message

Proof, if proof were needed that the iPod touch is simply an iPhone without the phone comes in the form of this interesting screenshot, which shows the iPhone’s error message when the wrong password is entered to open it. Problem is, the screenshot shows the iPhone’s error message on an iPod Touch! Apparently the Touch […]

Sep 13, 2007

Polk an iPod with the Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2

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Polk Audio I-Sonic Home Entertainment System 2

Polk Audio have announced the Polk Audio I-Sonic Entertainment System 2, a somewhat odd-looking audiophile-grade HD radio and iPod docking port. The I-Sonic can pump out 360-degree sound from four speakers, and comes complete with an iPod dock hidden on the top. More impressively, you can buy the music you hear on the radio from […]