Mar 30, 2007

Motorola T605: a wireless media streamer for your car

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Motorola T605 in car media streamer

Motorola announced the Motorola T605 Automotive Music & Hands-free System at CTIA 2007 this week. The T605 is, as its name suggests, an automotive music and hands-free system for mobile phones. Put another way, it lets you stream music from your mobile phone over Bluetooth onto your car stereo, while also acting as a hands-free […]

Mar 30, 2007

Sony TDM-NC1 Wi-Fi music streaming brick

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Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer for Bravia home theatre systems

Sony have been showing off their new Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer. Shaped like a sleek black brick, the TDM-NC1 performs a similar function to the Squeezebox: it streams your tunes from your PC to your home theatre system wirelessly. The TDM-NC1 has the added advantage of not only looking super-cool, but bledning in perfectly with […]

Mar 28, 2007

Is the Sony Giga Juke 80GB Wi-Fi Hi-Fi the perfect Micro System?

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Sony Giga Juke NAS-50HDE Hi-Fi and Sony Giga Juke NAC HD1E Hi-Fi

Sony have announced the new Sony Giga Juke Hi-Fi (or the Sony NAS-50HDE, to give its rather less exciting name!). The Giga Juke is a new micro system from Sony that seems to have plundered a PC’s innards. Not only does it come with an 80GB hard drive for storing your tunes, it also comes […]

Mar 20, 2007

Stream your Zune tunes with Radio Zune

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Zune FM transmitter for Microsoft Zune media player

Microsoft’s Zune already has Wi-Fi, but sharing your tunes with it has been hobbled due to its Digital Wrongs Rights software. Despite Microsoft banging on about sharing your tunes and videos with your mates, the reality is that you can transfer the file to your mates easily, but they can only play it 3 times. […]

Mar 19, 2007

Slackers make iPods obsolete

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Slacker PMP and online music service

iPods, Zunes and all you other MP3 players, tremble in your owners’ pockets. New start-up Broadband Instruments has a new offering that makes all existing Personal Media Players look so last century! Broadband Instruments have launched Slacker, which offers a new take on the PMP market. The Slacker Media Player looks at first glance like […]

Mar 1, 2007

Pioneer Music.tap pipes audio over power lines

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Pioneer Music.tap audio system

Pioneer have announced the Pioneer Music.tap, a new audio system that lets you pipe your music from your HiFi to speakers over the power lines. The main audio system is separate from the speakers,as you’d expect, but rather than connecting the two together via old-fashioned speaker wire, or even new technologies such as WiFi or […]

Feb 28, 2007

Olympus VJ-10 radio with 37GB Hard Drive

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Olympus VJ-10 radio

Olympus have announced the Olympus VJ-10, an impressive looking radio that comes equipped with a 37GB hard drive on which to record your radio shows. Actually, you can do more than that – the VJ-10 will also let you store your MP3 or WMA files, so it’s kind of like a huge iPod dressed up […]

Feb 18, 2007

Disposable mini stereo copies CDs to USB keys

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Exemode CDR-300 mini Hi-Fi stereo system

If you have loads of CDs that you want to export to an SD card or USB key, you can either use your PC with appropriate card reader hardware, or buy this, the Exemode CDR-300. The CDR-300 is a new mini stereo system featuring CD player, FM/AM radio, SD card slot and USB port, and […]

Feb 9, 2007

Onkyo BR-NX10 Stereo with Ethernet

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Onkyo BR-NX10 stereo

The new Onkyo BR-NX10 Stereo comes with one input not normally found on your average home HiFi: an Ethernet port! Use it to plug the BR-NX10 into your home network, and download tunes from Sony’s AnyMusic music store. You can save them on the stereo’s own internal 80GB hard drive, or else rip your CDs […]