May 4, 2007

SkyDigital launches full-HDTV USB receiver

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SKYDigital SKYHDTV USB receiver

SkyDigital have launced its new SKYHDTV USB receiver, which is, well, an HDTV USB receiver (wonderfully original name!) The receiver plugs into your HDTV box (satellite, cable, even XBox360), and from there into your PC via USB, giving your PC the ability to record your TV programs in full HDTV. But wait, it’s not quite […]

Apr 25, 2007

Samsung Cannes SPD-50P91FHD – world's first Bluetooth HDTV

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Samsung SPD-50P91FHD HDTV with Bluetooth

Samsung have launched what they claim is the world’s first Bluetooth HDTV. Samsung like claiming world’s first, and by bolting Bluetooth onto an HDTV, it’s a claim that they can make loud and clear, as it’s not an obvious addition to your usually wired TV. Despite this, a Bluetooth HDTV is actually quite useful… More […]

Mar 23, 2007

Rock Meivo LCD TV squeezes all known gadgets into one TV

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Rock Meivo LCD TV with IPTV and VoD and Media Center PC

Mar 21, 2007

Hitachi Wooo HD-TV sports removable hard drive

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Hitachi Wooo HD-TV

This is the Hitachi Wooo (yup, right number of ‘o’s!), a gigantic 50 inch plasma HD-TV that comes with one or two tricks up its sleeve. Obviously it comes with the usual you’d expect from a top-end HD-TV – 3 HDMI ports, 10,000:1 contrast ratio and various audio out jacks. But its real star turn […]

Feb 28, 2007

Print your TV programmes with Samsung's new Cannes HDTV

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Samsung Cannes PDP HDTV

Samsung have released a new range of huge HDTVs with an impressive array of features. The models are called the Samsung SPD-42, SPD-50Q92HD, and SPD-63P71FHD, which don’t exactly trip off the tongue! Fortunately, they’re also going under the name “Samsung Cannes PDP TV”, in deference to the Cannes film festival (no, really!). The TVs, as […]

Feb 20, 2007

i-Mate X-Stream TV swallows media centre PC

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i-Mate X-Stream Media Hub with Media Center PC and wireless router

This must be the mother of all media hubs. The i-Mate XStream Media Hub is an LCD TV with 720 and 1080i support that comes complete with its own PVR, wireless router and Media Center PC built-into its super-thin frame. The PC comes complete with 500GB hard drive, and can display content either on the […]

Jan 23, 2007

Samsung cut the wires off its HP-T5894W Plasma TV

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Samsung HP-T5894W Wireless Plasma TV

Samsung announced the Samsung HP-T5894W wireless TV at CES 2007 last week. The HP-T5894W (couldn’t they have thought of a better name?!) is an interesting combination of wireless media streamer and TV. Most media streamers wirelessly connect to your PC, and plug-in to your TV to deliver content already downloaded . In contrast, the Samsung […]