Mar 21, 2007

Hitachi Wooo HD-TV sports removable hard drive

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Hitachi Wooo HD-TV

This is the Hitachi Wooo (yup, right number of ‘o’s!), a gigantic 50 inch plasma HD-TV that comes with one or two tricks up its sleeve. Obviously it comes with the usual you’d expect from a top-end HD-TV – 3 HDMI ports, 10,000:1 contrast ratio and various audio out jacks. But its real star turn […]

Mar 15, 2007

CeBIT 2007: LinkSys KiSS 1600 media receiver adds DVD player

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LinkSys KiSS 1600 WMP media receiver at CeBIT 2007

It’s CeBIT time, and LinkSys have been showing off their new LinkSys KiSS 1600 WMP media receiver (why don’t these media receiver companies give their products some decent names?!). Following hot on the heels of NetGear’s Digital Entertainer HD, the KiSS 1600 is another media receiver that connects to your PC wirelessly, indexes all your […]