Aug 5, 2008

PMX-M89 16GB: new PMP from Sony that helps you find yourself

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Sony PMX-M89

This little beauty is the new Sony PMX-M89 with a 4.3-inch touchscreen and 16GB of storage. Sony is trying to stake their claim to the Chinese market with their PMX series of personal media players. The PMX series is on the higher end of the Chinese market; at 2,260 Yuan (USD $331) it is a […]

Jul 8, 2008

Sony drops OLED in favour of FED TVs?

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Sony has announced it will be releasing TVs with yet another next-gen display technology. FED, which stands for field emission display are to go into mass production in late 2009, so you have a bit of time to save up. This is an interesting move for Sony as they have been big supporters of OLED […]

Jul 4, 2008

Sony's OLED TVs to double in size

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Sony’s current largest OLED TV is only 11”, which is easy to move around but not really what you want in a home entertainment system, especially when it will set you back over a

Jul 3, 2008

The all singing, all dancing Sony BRAVIA W4000

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Sony BRAVIA in korea

The Sony BRAVIA LCD TV W4000 series (catchy name isn’t it), which has just been released in Korea, has more features than you can shake a stick at. Starting with the usual bits and pieces: it has 1080p full HD and uses the BRAVIA Engine 2 which, in their words, “provides the next generation in […]

Sep 13, 2007

Sony unveils Blu-Ray players with half a terabyte hard drive

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Sony Blu-ray players

Sony has unveiled four new Blu-ray players, with the top of the range model (the Sony BDZ-X90) coming with a huge 500GB hard drive, which should see you right for 160 hours of HD recording. The other models (Sony BDZ-L70, BDZ-T70 and BDZ-T50) come with 320GB, 320GB and 50GB hard drives respectively. All four Blu-ray […]

Sep 11, 2007

Video of Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player in action

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Sony Rolly MP3 player

I talked yesterday about the amazing new Sony Rolly MP3 player, which is shaped like an egg and dances around in time to the music. Talking is one thing, though – what you need is a video of the thing in action! And lo and behold, look what I found – a video of the […]

Sep 11, 2007

New Sony Giga-Juke turns violent pink

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Sony Giga-Juke NAS-D55HD in pink

I love the Sony Giga-Juke networked Hi-Fi. It’s the perfect stereo for the MP3 age, with 80GB hard disk, DAB radio, USB, and Wi-Fi adaptor for streaming your MP3 tunes from your PC directly onto the Giga Juke’s hard drive. Sony must also love the Giga-Juke, as they’ve just released three new models, one of […]

Sep 10, 2007

The Mad Sony Rolly – an MP3 player in an egg

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Sony Rolly MP3 player

Sony have announced what could be the world’s most bonkers MP3 player. The Sony Rolly (or the SEP-10BT to give its less-inspired formal name) is shaped like an egg, and you control its functions by either twisting it or rolling it. Even more impressively, the Rolly can actually dance in time to the music, spinning […]

Mar 30, 2007

Sony TDM-NC1 Wi-Fi music streaming brick

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Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer for Bravia home theatre systems

Sony have been showing off their new Sony TDM-NC1 music streamer. Shaped like a sleek black brick, the TDM-NC1 performs a similar function to the Squeezebox: it streams your tunes from your PC to your home theatre system wirelessly. The TDM-NC1 has the added advantage of not only looking super-cool, but bledning in perfectly with […]

Mar 28, 2007

Is the Sony Giga Juke 80GB Wi-Fi Hi-Fi the perfect Micro System?

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Sony Giga Juke NAS-50HDE Hi-Fi and Sony Giga Juke NAC HD1E Hi-Fi

Sony have announced the new Sony Giga Juke Hi-Fi (or the Sony NAS-50HDE, to give its rather less exciting name!). The Giga Juke is a new micro system from Sony that seems to have plundered a PC’s innards. Not only does it come with an 80GB hard drive for storing your tunes, it also comes […]